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Ph. D. Candidate Zhao Zhongkuang Attends the Annual Meeting of AEA

From January 6 to 8, the American Economic Association annual meeting and the American Finance Association annual meeting were held in Chicago, the United States. The doctoral student Zhao Zhongkuang’s paper "Pricing Power in Domestic Market and Exchange Rate Disconnection "was selected for the annual meeting. This paper focuses on the microcosmic effect of the domestic market pricing ability on the firm`s response to exchange rate risk and the mystery of the micro-level export exchange rate.


During the meeting, Zhao discussed deeply with other experts and scholars on the paper, and participated in the discussion of reorganization of mergers and acquisitions, the company commissioned agents and other topics. The annual conference of the American Economic Conference is one of the highest international economic conferences, and its conference papers have a very strong frontier and innovation. Through such platforms, SEPKU doctoral students could further expand the international academic perspective, and understand the forefront of the development of the discipline.

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