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Associate Professor Zhang Pengfei Held Academic Lectures at UPenn and Yale

On February 28 and March 2, 2017, Associate Professor Zhang Pengfei, Director of the Department of Industrial Economics of SEPKU was invited to the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University to hold lectures entitled " Shocks, Skills, and Political Instability in Authoritarian Regimes: A Dynamic Theoretical Analysis ". The seminar analyzed the complicated relationship between the supreme ruler of the authoritarian society and his deputy by constructing an indefinite dynamic game model. Based on the change of exogenous shock, the model not only allows for the long-term existence of stable authoritarian society, but also achieve the balanced results of "cleaning", "coup" and "civil war". Prof. Alexandre Debs, Prof. John Roemer and Prof. Milan Svolik spoke highly of the lecture.


The paper is cooperated with Assoc. Prof. Victor Shih from Global Policy and Strategy School of UCSD, and Prof. Liu Mingxing from China Education and Finance Science Research Institute of PKU.
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