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SEPKU Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with NTU

On March 7th, the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between SEPKU and Nanyang Technological University Nanyang Business School was held in SEPKU. The memorandum mainly includes undergraduate exchange, master dual degree and global entrepreneur high-level training projects. The signing of the memorandum marks the establishment of a strategic partnership between the two sides.


The attendees are: Ms Lien Siaou-Sze, Director of the Board of Directors of NTU, Prof. Neo Boon Siong, Dean of Nanyang Business School, Prof. Marie Tang, Vice Dean of Nanyang Business School, Ms. Cheryl Lim, Director of the Office of the President of Nanyang Business School, and Ms. Ge Juan, Course Manager of Nanyang Business School. Professor Huang Guitian, Assistant President of PKU, Mr. Kang Tao, Vice Director of International Relations of PKU, Professor Dong Zhiyong, Party Secretary of SEPKU, Vice Dean Cui Jianhua, Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Hongfeng and Assistant Dean Qin Xuezheng.


Professor Huang Guitian said that with the rapid development of economic integration, globalization has become the trend in today`s education field. The cooperation with NTU is of great significance on the international road of SEPKU.


Professor Liang Wensong believes that the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between NTU and SEPKU marks another milestone in the development of Nanyang Business School. China is a major participant and contributor to the global economy, and Nanyang Business School is proud to contribute to the business education of Chinese students.


Finally, Prof. Dong Zhiyong and Prof. Liang Wensong signed a memorandum of understanding on behalf of both sides.

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