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Dean Sun Qixiang Meets with Mayor of Heidelberg

On April 19, Mr. Eckart Wuerzner,Mayor of Heidelberg, Germany, and his delegation visited SEPKU. The delegation also includes Hans- Jurgen Heib, Deputy Mayor of Heidelberg, Mr. Helmut Schleweis, Member of Parliament, and Dr. Zhou Songbo, Chairman of Sino-German Science and Technology Parks Holdings Limited. Dean Sun Qixiang and Assistant Dean Qin Xuezheng received the guests.


Dean Sun extended a warm welcome to the delegation. She briefed the guests on the development history, discipline setting, professional classification, faculty and student scale, international exchange and cooperation, talent training mode and so on. When speaking of the impression of Germany, Dean Sun said that Germany`s economic, social development and the strict characteristics in German culture made her impressed.


Mayor Eckart Wuerzner described the basic situation of Heidelberg`s population, urban characteristics and other characteristics. He introduced that as a romantic capital, science and technology city with 800-year-old history, Heidelberg is seeking new development ideas. China is a big country with rapid economic development, so they hope to find more cooperation direction and cooperation between Germany and China. In particular, they hope to promote more scientific research cooperation and exchange with higher universities such as Peking University. German guests also showcased some pictures of German cities and specializes in Heidelberg`s Sino-German technology building, looking forward to the cooperation between the two sides in science and technology, education, business and culture and other aspects.

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