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The 13th China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum Held

On May 20, the 13th China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum was held in the National Committee of the Chinese People`s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). The forum was organized by Peking University School of Economics, Peking University, School of Continuing Education, Peking University China Credit Research Center, National Credit Education Union and more than 20 national social groups.


The theme of this forum is "Supply Side Reform and Credit Coordination Governance". The forum discusses the construction of the credit system in the practice of reform, innovation and development in China from the height of the combination of theory and practice. More than 400 candidates attended the forum. Leaders from the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the People`s Bank of China Credit Bureau and Peking University attended the forum.


Mr. Zhang Baowen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People`s Congress, sent a congratulatory message to the conference, confirming the achievements of the forum. He pointed out that the credit summit has been held for 12 years, and its sustainability indicates that it meets the needs of reform and development. China`s social credit system construction is a complex system engineering. Zhang hoped that Peking University China Credit Research Center can make persistent efforts, to optimize the social credit environment and to explore China`s social credit model to make greater contributions.


Mr. Wang Zhouyi, Vice Minister of Social Sciences of Peking University, delivered a speech on behalf of the school leaders. Wang said in his speech, the credit summit forum advocated by Peking University has been successfully held 12 sessions. The series of activities carried out by the forum has produced a wide range of social impact and made due contributions to China`s credit construction.


The Chairman of the Presidency of the National Credit Education Union and former Vice Minister of Commerce Wei Jianguo delivered a speech. He pointed out that the current moment is the key moment of credit construction, we should put credit as a new productive force to be promoted. 

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