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China County Economic Development Forum Held Successfully

The 1st China County Economic Development Forum was held on June 11. The forum is organized by SEPKU and Peking University Alumni Association, and co-organized by SEPKU Alumni Office, PKU Shenzhen Alumni Association, PKU Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association, Urban Innovation Mutual Association Ancient Village and New Village Theme Exhibition, Shenzhen and Hong Kong Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. The forum attracted hundreds of PKU alumni enterprises, more than 100 counties’ leaders and more than 40 Medias.


Professor Sun Qixiang, Dean of SEPKU attended the event and delivered a speech. In her speech she expressed her welcome to the guests and heartfelt thanks to the organizers. She briefly reviewed the glorious history of SEPKU in the past 105 years, as well as the important academic status and social influence of the college. She stressed that the county is the base of a country, so the development of county economy is extremely important. She proposed to develop a differentiated development strategy, and properly handle the relationship between the government and the market, economic development and environmental protection and many other important aspects. Finally, Dean Sun expressed her confidence in the results of this forum.


Mr. He Zhenguo, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Agriculture, made a speech titled "Financial Support for Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation". He exchanged experiences with the audience from four aspects includes the coordinated development between county economy and the "three rural" economic, agricultural supply side structural reform and green sustainable development, innovative rural institutional mechanisms, make up the short board and get rid of poverty.


Mr. Yang Xinxiang, Secretary General of the Monetary Policy Committee of PBOC, made a keynote speech on the theme of "Rural Finance and Agricultural Modernization". He used examples and data to introduce the monetary policy and fiscal policy of the central bank to support the development of the county economy and the "three rural" policies.


Dr. Feng Ke, Deputy Director of SEPKU Financial Innovation and Development Research Center, shared his thought on how the integration of finance and industry promotes the development of characteristic towns.


Mr. Zhang Xuewen, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and Vice President of China Postal Savings Bank Co., Ltd., gave a thematic report entitled "Deepening the Implementation of Prudential Financial Assistance to County Economy".


National Development and Reform Commission City and Small Town Reform and Development Center Deputy Director Qiao Runling delivered a speech named "New Perspective on the County Economy and the Development of New Towns".


The forum also held two discussions on "Characteristic Towns and Industrial Upgrading" and "Rural Double Innovation and Industry Poverty Alleviation", many experts and scholars discussed and expressed their unique views and opinions, and interacted with the audiences.

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