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Dr. Qin Xuezheng’s Project Results Rated as Excellent by NSFC

In the recent project performance evaluation meeting of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the results of the project chaired by Associate Professor Qin Xuezheng were rated as “special excellent”.


The subject "China`s human capital intergenerational transmission mechanism and its impact on social mobility: based on theoretical and empirical research" was approved in August 2011 by the National Natural Science Foundation. This project studies the intergenerational transmission mechanism of human capital in China from the aspects of health and education, and explores the influence of intergenerational transmission of human capital on social mobility from a theoretical perspective. The relevant research results of this project have been published in the "China Economic Review", "Health Policy and Planning", "Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance", "European Journal of Health Economics" and other well-known international academic Magazine "economics" (quarterly), "economic dynamics", "China`s rural economy", "world economy", "management world", "China`s industrial economy" and other top domestic academic journals by 2015.

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