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United States Ambassador to China Visited SEPKU

On the afternoon of September 15th, the United States Ambassador to China Terry Edward Branstad visited SEPKU and delivered a keynote speech themed on Sino-US economic relations. He was also the first speaker of the series of lectures on "China`s Economy in the Eyes of Foreign Ambassadors in China" which is re-opened in 2017.

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Sun Qixiang, Dean of SEPKU, delivered a speech. Dean Sun welcomed the ambassador and the audiences on behalf of the College. Sun mentioned that the series of lectures on "China`s economy in the eyes of foreign ambassadors in China" was successfully held in 2005, and 12 years ago it is the United States ambassador to China who opened the prelude to this series of activities. In the past 12 years, although the Sino-US economy has experienced various setbacks and hardships, they still achieved brilliant achievements. This is inextricably linked to the positive efforts made by the two countries to promote the healthy development of two-way trade and investment. Dean Sun Qixiang expressed the hope that China and the United States will strengthen communication and cooperation and go hand in hand to contribute to the peaceful development of the two countries and the world.

Subsequently, Ambassador Brenstad delivered a keynote speech. He shared the experience for his first visit to China in 1984 and the twice met with General Secretary Xi Jinping in the United States. He expressed his high respect for the development of China`s economy. In the speech, the ambassador introduced the development of the Sino-US economy in recent years. He pointed out that after the financial crisis in 2008, the US economy recovered gradually, but still faced with regional conflicts, terrorism, refugee flows, poverty, unemployment and other risks and challenges. China and the United States must work together to solve problems and contribute to creating a better international environment.

After the speech, the ambassador exchanged with teachers and students on the "One Belt and One Road", multilateral trade and bilateral trade, Sino-US exchanges and cooperation, international financial stability and other content questions. The ambassador specifically referred to the important role that the China`s "Shared" Concept and technological innovation played in the world economy and environmental protection.

Finally, Dean Sun Qixiang presented the honorary certificate of the first speaker of the series of lectures on "China`s Economy in the Eyes of Foreign Ambassador in China" which is re-opened in 2017 to Ambassador Branstad.

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