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French Expert Mr. Emmanuel Delano Held Lecture in SEPKU

On the evening of September 20, the famous French entrepreneur, speaker and writer, Mr. Emmanuel Delano, was invited to give a presentation entitled " In ecosystem model, everyone has a space: What kind of city like this? " in SEPKU. The accompanying staff included representatives from the Paris University of Politics and the relevant staff of the French Embassy. The lecture was chaired by Associate Professor Qin Xuezheng, Assistant Dean of SEPKU.

Before the lecture, Associate Prof. Qin Xuezheng firstly welcomed Mr. Emmanuel Delano and the entourage and students, and briefly introduced Mr. Emmanuel Delano`s achievements and experiences. He is currently committed to the study of biodiversity, promotion and implementation of the ecological transformation of the economy. His environmental protection opinions that nature and economy should be perfect fusion bring a lot of inspiration and thinking for everyone.

Subsequently, Mr. Emmanuel Delano first introduced the characteristics and composition of the current urban ecosystem. He said that we still need to solve the human ecosystem in the carbon emissions, water management and many other issues, so as to achieve the a more compatible relationship between environment, economy and people. Next, he depicted the ideal "future city" in which the nature and plants can find their place, human beings can easily get low-carbon energy. He also proposed a program that to build an "ecological corridor", so that we can add the organisms to the human ecosystem, to help people face the problems of the economy, improve self-protection and achieve multi-functional use efficiency. Finally, Mr. Emmanuel Delano stressed again that mankind should love and make rational use of nature, use the principle of bionics to learn more from the nature, achieve the prosperity of human society under the premise of protection of biological diversity.

After the speech, Mr. Emmanuel Delano interacted with the audience and explained the questions raised by the audience in detail.

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