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SEPKU Held B&R Strategic Innovation Forum

On the afternoon of September 22, 2017, “the Belt and Road" strategic innovation forum was held in SEPKU. The forum was organized by SEPKU Department of International Economics and Trade, Peking University National Competitiveness Institute, China Market Society Marketing Expert Committee, and undertaken by SEPKU Alumni Association.

The forum was presided over by Mr. Guo Yuntao, former Director of the General Office of the State Administration of Work Safety and Director of the National Competitiveness Research Institute of Peking University. He introduced the significance and value of the forum.

Mr. Wang Wei, General Manager of Credit Evaluation Center of China Export Credit Insurance Company, gave a lecture on the theme of "Chinese enterprises` overseas investment cooperation risk and control". He presented the main risks of Chinese enterprises` going out and elaborated on the challenges faced by Sinosure of nearly $ 3 trillion in overseas Chinese projects and the tools and basic ideas to address these challenges. He also analyzed the current model and means of controlling risk in China.

Mr. Du Shuai, Assistant Director of the National Development Bank Research Institute, gave a detailed analysis and explanation of the specific measures taken by the Hong Kong Bank of Sri Lanka in Colombo, supported by CDB, and shared the valuable experience of this success case, and analyzed the value and problem of putting out the domestic development model, and put forward the idea of combining the financial strategy of the country where the project is located and the balance of organizational interests.

Mr. Wang Yu-long, Managing Director of China-Africa Fund, made an in-depth analysis of China`s investment in Africa from the perspective of national sovereign funds.

Associate Professor Xue Xu from SEPKU introduced the relevant research results around the international strategy and overseas investment risk control. He elaborated the theoretical basis and practical value on the foreign investment risk division, which are national strategic economic risk, industrial management and competitive risk, project operation and operational risk. Xue Xu suggested that the participating enterprises recommend success stories to support Peking University‘s research in this field, so as soon as possible to support the standardized decision-making system of "the Belt and Road".

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