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Dean Sun Attended the RIMS 2017 China Risk Forum

On November 22, Professor Sun Qixiang, Dean of SEPKU, attended the RIMS 2017 China Risk Forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled "The Function of Insurance to Better Develop Insurance in Preventing Risks".

Professor Sun Qixiang pointed out that the current insurance market risks mainly include corporate governance risk, solvency risk, liquidity risk, credit risk and the risk of using insurance funds. She summarized the current development of China`s insurance market from the aspects of premiums, insurance penetration, insurance density, per capita premiums, the proportion of insurance claims to disaster losses and the number of long-term life insurance policies. She pointed out that the insurance industry should improve the investment system, big data platform system, science and technology innovation system, catastrophe risk prevention system, social security network construction system and other countermeasures. She emphasized that it is necessary to speed up the development of the insurance industry while guarding against risks and make greater contribution to the modernization of the national governance system and governance capability by giving full play to its long-term sound risk management and protection functions.

It is reported that the RIMS 2017 China Risk Forum, which is sponsored by the Risk Management Society ™, aims to discuss how Chinese enterprises should respond to the risks posed by internal and external environment changes under the Belt and Road. 

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