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Suo Lingyan Delivered Keynote Speech on the China Insurance Intermediary Development Forum

On December 15, 2017, the 2017 China Insurance Intermediary Development Forum was held in Guangzhou. Associate Professor Suo Lingyan, Associate Dean of SEPKU was invited to attend the forum and delivered a keynote speech titled "The Logic of Insurance Industry and the Positioning of Insurance Agency in New Era”.

Suo said in her speech that the insurance industry has always been an integral part of the risk protection system and an important mechanism for people to achieve social cooperation in the field of risk management. The breadth of the development of the insurance industry depends on whether it can meet or even exceed the expectations of consumers. The depth of its development depends on whether it can build people`s ability to undertake disasters and promote a balanced growth of development capabilities. The length of its development depends on whether it can continue to mobilize the vitality of the main innovations and encourage enterprises and investors to invest in innovation. After entering a new era, China`s insurance industry needs to pay more attention to its connotation and quality. It must respect its unique logic and uphold the concept of open and coordinated development. Insurance intermediaries in the new era should exercise their professional abilities and become the frontline of the transmission of the concept of insurance industry, the channel for cooperation, the platform for information exchange, and the medium for value-added data.

This forum is sponsored by China Insurance News and co-organized by Pan-China Financial Holding Group. Representatives from insurance regulators, insurance companies and insurance intermediaries and many experts and scholars participate in the forum.

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